My lunch break

Yesterday Beatriz came with me to work, she was suppose to go job hunting and i was gonna do her makeup. instead, i decided to do something different and she was down with it. she asked for the lady gaga look in her telephone video, the scene in the jail yard. i did the extended eyebrow but she was like, "hell no, im not walking thru the mall like this" and i agreed, so i took it off.
we ended up driving to mcdonalds for my lunch break and i took a couple of shots of her in the car while she ate her lunch. i had a sunday :)
anyways, here are the pics.

p.s. i take a lot of pics of Bea because im always with Bea :)

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  1. I want to try Bea's look next! She should model, she has the height and weight for it :)