Center Court

So my very good friend Ginny has a boyfriend who is starting up his own tennis magazine with his brother and they have asked me to join the team as their photographer. Ofcourse I'd love to, even tho i know nothing about tennis and i dont really think that my style is that for tennis, i still would love to. so today Ginny and i got together and took some shots of Ginny and tried to incorporate tennis in the shots. we were really stumped at first, but i had invited Bea to come over, she always gets me going and when i start getting into a momentum then Ginny just feeds off of it. Ginny is a makeup artist aswell, just a fyi. Bea had an idea of Ginny's hair and tennis balls and we just winged it. here are the shots.


Hi guys!!

My lunch break

Yesterday Beatriz came with me to work, she was suppose to go job hunting and i was gonna do her makeup. instead, i decided to do something different and she was down with it. she asked for the lady gaga look in her telephone video, the scene in the jail yard. i did the extended eyebrow but she was like, "hell no, im not walking thru the mall like this" and i agreed, so i took it off.
we ended up driving to mcdonalds for my lunch break and i took a couple of shots of her in the car while she ate her lunch. i had a sunday :)
anyways, here are the pics.

p.s. i take a lot of pics of Bea because im always with Bea :)


This is Ginette, shes my co-worker. she wanted me to do her makeup and i said sure, id love to :)
she clocked out and came and sat down and when i asked her what look she wanted, she wasnt really sure bc she hadnt thought about it. so i asked her if she wanted an everyday look, something she'd never do again, something sexy, and Angie who was watching said to do something she would never do again and Ginette said she wanted me to do something she can duplicate. so i decided to do a very smokey eye and play up her cheek bones.
shes so cute, she was such a good sport. love you Ginette xoxoxo