Summer Shoots

July '12 Photographer: Ptah ArtCrazy Quammie Ford Model: Emily D. Makeup Artist: Denise Camacho :)


My First Real Makeup Tutorial

I was super shy and nervous to do this. It's not really my thing, but I've had way too many requests to not do it. So basically I'm starting to make tutorial because of you guys :)

I hope you enjoy it and I know next time I will loosen up and not seem so monotone in the videos lol


Latest Photoshoot

Photographer: Will Beauplant
Makeup Artist: Denise Camacho :)
Hair: Love Red
Stylist: Shawn Neon
Models: Shawn Neon/Anastacia da Bombasia Medel/Amber Lee

These last four photos were taken by me and edited by me :)


New Shoot

Model: Jessica Ocampo
Makeup/Photography: Denise Camacho :)
Hair: Emily Plowman


I had a itch

I've been so lazy lately with the pregnancy but i got this itch out of nowhere to do makeup and take some pics.
So i called up Bea and of course, she was down.

Model: Beatriz Garcia
Makeup/Photography: Denise Camacho :)


Liquid kiss

Red Bull fuel