everytime a biggie song comes on it instantly takes me back to being a kid listening to hot 97 or watching mtv/bet. i knew of hip hop because its what i grew up on, my dad put me on to Grandmaster Flash, Sugar Hill Gang etc. i didnt understand the extremity of the whole "east coast" "west coast" war, all i knew was that i was from the east and that west side music was not appealing to me at all. so i would always change the channel/station when west side music came on. later on then i started to appreciate snoop, dre and tupac. but even tho i listenened to hip hop, there was something different about the whole biggie era. its like hip hop was at its best! every song was a banga! i wanted to learn every word to every song of biggies and i did. i remember one new years eve, i think it was either 95 going on 96 or 96 going on 97 and hot 97 always had a count down for the top 100 songs of the year. me and my sister recorded pretty much the whole count down in our tape recorder radio, shit was a Casio...WHAT!! lol i think we still have that tape, point is that there was like 6 biggie songs in that countdown and like 20 other bad boy songs, that had to of been the best year in hip hop.
i remember March 9th, 1997. i was getting dressed for school(8th grade) and had MTV on when they stopped their regularshow and MTV news came on, it was that john(older vj) talking bout how biggie was shot and dead. it was weirdcause i didnt think much of it till i was in class just sitting there thinking like damn yo, like thats it...just like that.i can say that ive never shed a tear for any celebrity but biggie. jay z would probably be the next.

i've been wearing my NOTORIOUS bracelet all week :D

here are some of my biggie all time faves!!! in no order but the first one is my #1

We miss you Biggie!!!

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