Tinted Moisturizer

M.A.C. Moisture Tint SPF 15
Sheer coverage
Natural-Satin finish

I know most women don't like to wear foundation, "it's too heavy for everyday." is usually the reason why. I personally never had a problem wearing foundation if I was leaving the house. Since I started wearing makeup I've always applied foundation along with the rest of my makeup. That was until I was introduced to M.A.C.'s new line of tinted moisturizers.
This product debuted last month at M.A.C. counters/stores everywhere. I found it weird that M.A.C. had never came out with a tinted moisturizer and I was very excited to try it. M.A.C. had this other product called Select Tint which I guess would be comparable to the tinted moisturizer, however I can't really give you my thought on the Select Tint because I've never used it. I like a fuller coverage.
I made myself a sample of two of their tinted moisturizer shades (medium & medium dark) and I took them home to try. I was going to the pool when I decided to try it for the first time, I really hate wearing makeup to the pool so I thought this would be a perfect time to try it. I gotta say I was very impressed by not only the coverage but also by the finish it gives. It's a sheer coverage but I'd say it's sheer-medium coverage, plus if you finish it with the Miniralized Skin Finish Powder you'll get even more coverage.
It totally evened out my skin tone and made my skin look fresh and healthy. It looked like I wasn't wearing any makeup and because it looked so natural i didn't need to wear any concealer.
I ended up not making it to the pool because my son endedl up falling asleep and we hate waking him.

My pro - looks natural, feels natural and evens out my skin tone.
My con - melts off and turns a lighter color when u sweat or wet your face if you don't apply a powder over it.

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