Style Black

So I worked today and I was very excited for a number of reasons. First Julissa(@Lyssen) was coming over today!!!

That's her! She flew in today from NY. Second, Style Black launched today at all MAC stores and counters. I got to play with the whole line and I must've changed my lips like 5 times because there's so much to play with. I ended up wearing their new Greasepaint Stick on my lips which is black. Here's some pics!

It's a great line, ya should stop by MAC and have fun. I wore a foundation a bit darker than my skin color because I didn't wanna look too gothic with the black lips. After wearing the black lips I noticed that I didn't look gothic at all. What do u think??

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  1. I didn't think to wear the greasepaint on my lips...can't wait to get this...thanx for the idea!