Kareoke night gone wrong.

So my friend Chris and Yesi invited us to go kareokeing at Duffys tonight. We got a babysitter for the night and had a bottle of Goose ready to get loose. We got to my in laws house and I took a couple of shots before heading to Duffys. I was feeling nice upon arriving to our kareoke night.
I see Yesi n Chris and we(Ariel, Lisa-sister, Joel-bro in law) walked over to them.
Now Yesi is my fellow MAC girl. We freelanced together and that's how we met. I was there the night she met Chris and it's been Yesi n Chris ever since. Yesi is very outspoken, straight to the point type of girl, I love that about her. Chris is very friendly and is a "presentao", he's like a know it all. Never the less, that's my favortie couple to hang out with.
So this was gonna be one of our fun nights, and Lisa & Joels first kareoke night with us. One of our nights together we got into a fight and Yesi ended up biting a whole in the girls cheek, lmao!
So me and Chris n Lisa go up to sing "got money"-t pain & lil wayne. We were the auto tuners and Chris was the rapper. So mid way thru the song, Chris is missing his lines and I'm looking at him confused but not concerned because he probably doesn't know some of the words.
Songs over. Next up was me and Lisa and we were gonna sing "can't nobody hold me down"- Diddy and Mase. We ripped it! But I see Yesi come up to the stage and walk past us to Chris leaning on the window. He felt nauseous and wanted to throw up. He couldn't get up either. I've never seen Chris sick nor able to be in control. He asked for a waste basket but he didn't throw up. Next up to sing was this older man and he sang "Dead or Alive". After him it was Lisa and I's turn and it was also the last song of the night. We sang "The Boy is Mine"-Brandy & Monica. Again, we ripped it, but Chris was still leaning on the window sill not feeling well. I went over to him after our sing and rubbed his back and asked him what was wrong. He looked me straight in the eye with this confused concerned look and said, "I have no idea, that was the weirdest thing, I've never felt that before." Maybe you're pregnant I said jokingly to try to make him feel better. He chuckled.
Duffy's was closing so we all met outside, it was only 12am and we were all ready to keep the night going. Plus, Benny has weed and we're ready to smoke. We decided to go to Blue Boar, this local bar me and Ariel and Yesi and Chris use to always go to before we moved to NY. Everyone gets in their cars and off to Blue Boar we go. Beatriz starts crushing weed in the backseat and we realize that she's underaged and won't be able to get into Blue Boar, since we have a sitter for the night we redirect everyone to my place. Apt. A style.
We all arrive to my house and we put the music on, turned on the Halo and we all start having a great time. The guys were playing Halo and I see Nino's girlfriend playing too, supercool! Me and Yesi are talking makeup, I brought out some Z!nk magazines and "confessions of a window dresser" and we were talking industry talk. Lisa and Bea just listened to us. Nino and Chris are listening to some videos on my iPhone and everyones just vibing so well. I was having a great time, not to mention how great I was feeling after we smoked.
All of a sudden the night took a turn for the worse. I was sitting on our coffee table, across from me was Yesi, Lisa n Bea and to the right of Yesi was Chris Nino n his girl. I see Chris do this weird fall, he fell foward and hit the back of his head against the coffee table right next to me. He falls on the floor on his back and starts shaking. He looks real stiff and he had this facial expression that almost made it look like he was joking. For a couple seconds I really thought he was joking. Yesi goes straight to grab him and she's talking to him but he's not responding. I'm in such shock that I didn't even know what to do. Yesi yells out please help him call 911. I snap back into reality and turn around to the coffee table to look for a phone. I grab a sidekick and I'm so overwhelmed at this point that I couldn't figure out how to use that shit. Nino's girlfriend hands me her phone and I call the cops. Someone starts yelling "he's foaming out the mouth". I've never seen anything like this so I start panicking. The cop is so patient on the phone and asking me 21 questions and transferring me here and there. They asked if he was breathing and he was. They said to put him on his side and we did. He's still seizing tho. Yesi is going crazy, she can't stop crying and yelling for 911 to hurry. At one point I see Lisa run out of the living room shaking her hands and looked like she was about to cry. Nino is over Chris trying to get his attention and open his mouth so that Chris doesn't swallow his tounge. He snaps back finally but he has no cool what just happened. He's still in the floor and hasn't said a word. Nino tells him to try and grab something and I see Chris try to grab his like jeans so immediately I knew he would be ok. I tell Yesi he's fine but she's hysterical. The whole time I felt so weird in this situation. It almost felt like a dream and I couldn't comprehend what the fuck was going on. I tries to get a hold of myself so that I can be there for Yesi but I was so scared and in disbelief of what was going on. I went over to Chris again and he was blinking and was able to respond now but still seemed in a daze. Finally the paramedics arrive and Chris sits up and he had to throw up. Nino gets him the waste basket and Chris hurls. They take him in the ambulance and Yesi, Nino and his girl go to the hospital.
So it's me, Ariel, Benny, Joel, Lisa and Bea left at the crib. Still it feels like what happened didn't really just happen. We start talking about what happened. I thought he started seizing when he hit the table. The whole time Yesi was crying she kept telling me, thank god we were here thank god we were here. And I couldn't understand bc had they of not been here he would of never hit his head and started seizing. But after talking about it with them, he was already seizing when he was falling. Which is why he fell so weird. His fall was slow and he just fell, like he didn't react to his fall, he didn't put out his hand so that he doesn't hurt himself or try to stop himself from falling, he just fell. We exchaged stories and then Joel left.
We rolled a small blunt and smoked, then Benny & Bea left. It was 3:40am. Ariel n I went to our room n Lisa to hers.
The lights were off and I couldn't sleep thinking about Chris and that fall and his face while he was seizing, I'm cringing now as I type. A few minutes after laying in bed Chris texts us if we're up bc they had to pick up Yesi's car at our place. He replied yes and we get up. Lisa comes to our room when she hears we're still up and she tells us how she can't sleep, she's crying. I tell her they're on their way here.
They came, Chris looked fine. We ended up all going to Dennys and finshed the night with a full stomach and some good laughs.
What a mothetfucking scary night.
Chris ended figuring out what caused the seizure. He had taken some Zoloft his brother left at his crib. That caused his saratona levels to be irregular which cause his seizure. I'm just glad he was among friends and we were all in some way able yo help.
Kareoke night gone wrong yet once again.

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  1. Bananas!! Glad ur friend is better...NO MORE ZOLOFT!!